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Hallís Exhibition Foundation

Chairmanís Introduction

This Annual Report gives a summary of the Foundationís activities during the year to the 31st March 2014.

Royalty payments received each year from Frimstone Ltd, the Foundationís tenants of the quarry, increases the assets of the Foundation. The income of the Foundation, which is distributed each year, is derived from returns on our investments.

The 10 Trustees are responsible for managing all of the Foundationís assets and for allocating this income for the benefit of the education of young people in the village between the ages of 11 and 25. They are always concerned to ensure that all young people who are fully resident in Snettisham and who have lived in the village for at least one year, and who qualify, should receive help from the Foundation.

Please contact our Administrator, Chris Holt, or any of the Trustees, if you know of anyone who may qualify, but who has not yet applied. Their names and addresses are given in this report.

Alternatively visit the Hallís Foundation website


Edward Stanton


List of Governors
Mr P. Norris Long Cottage, Shernbourne, Kings Lynn  PE316RZ
Mrs N.Burchett 2 Norton Hill, Snettisham, Kings Lynn
Mr I. Devereux 1 Little Acre, Manor Lane, Snettisham,
Lady M Ponder Bircham Road, Snettisham.
Mr A.Cave 49, The Birches, South Wootton, Kings Lynn  PE30 3JG
Mr M Howard Manor Road, Snettisham
Mr E Langford Lancaster Lodge, Lancaster Place, Snettisham, Kings Lynn
E.Stanton  Park Farm, Snettisham, Kings Lynn  PE31 7NQ
Mr M.Wright 6 Goosander Close, Snettisham, Kings Lynn
C. J. Holt 4 Bewick Close, Snettisham, Kings Lynn, PE31 7PJ   Tel / Fax:  01485 541534


Each year the individual grants are re- assessed in view of the changes that have taken place in the assessment of loans that are available from the local education authority.

From this year all students attending Higher Education courses will deemed independent of parental support and will be eligible for the full grant. This grant will be awarded in two stages. Half will be awarded at the start of their year and the second half, on the successful completion of their academic year in June.

The grant levels for the current academic year were set as follows: -

Students moving from primary (middle) to secondary education      £200

Students of 16 +      £200

University Students 1st / 2nd/ 3rd / 4th Year students       £1600

Grants Awarded During The Current Year

Pupils moving from Primary/ Middle Schools at 11+/12+

12 Grants of up to £200 were made.  Total = £2,400

Students undertaking VIth Form / Further Education Courses at 16+

36 Grants of up to £200.  Total=£7,200.00

Students undertaking University/Higher Education Courses

37 grants of up to £1600 were awarded.

Total = £50,325

Other Grants Awarded £125


Election of Officers

 At the Annual Meeting, Mr P Norris and Mr M Wright were elected Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively.


 Mr C. J. Holt

4 Bewick Close


Kings Lynn

PE31 7PJ

Snettisham Quarry

Frimstone Ltd. (the lessees of Snettisham Quarry) continued working at the Quarry and continue extract carstone from adjoining Ken Hill land. The radio mast was still in use on Quarry land.

Hallís Exhibition Foundation Website

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