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Guidelines for Grant Applications 16+ Form (6th Form/Vocational Courses) 11+ Form (Primary to Secondary School)
University/18+ Form (Higher Education) and June Award Form Educational Course Application

Guidelines for Prospective Applicants

The Hall's Exhibition Foundation is a charity whose aim is to benefit educationally young people between the age of 11+ and 25 resident in the village of Snettisham. Applications are invited from students aged 11 years and under the age of 25 years who have been resident in Snettisham for at least one year. For the purposes of calculating the upper age of university students their age will be taken as at 1st September in the year of their course.

The Foundation's income is available each year for the provision of qualifying grants, the level of which are reviewed each year by the Foundation Governors to take into account the actual level of income being generated along with the number of applications being received. Since grants are reviewed on an annual basis, they can increase or decrease and the figures shown below represent the present level of grant applicable to the current academic year. The Foundation gives priority to individual applicants, but should money be available having satisfied the demands of all individual applicants, then grant requests can be considered from those local organisations which exist for the benefit / education of such young people collectively.

Individual grants can be made as follows for the academic year 2022/23: All grants have been increased this year.

(a)  To young people of 11+ moving on to secondary education.      (£350)

(b)  Young people of 16+ staying on at school to take A Levels or to attend equivalent further education   

       courses. A grant is available for each of the anticipated 2 years.   (£500 per year)

(c)   Students of 18+ attending a University or an equivalent educational course. Each student will be awarded £2500 per year providing they meet the criteria set out by the Foundation. This payment will be awarded in two separate grants of £1250. £1250 will be awarded at the commencement of each year and a further £1250 in the final term of that year, provided they complete and return the form, signed by the college to say they have completed that year.

Grants are awarded to assist students in their secondary and further education courses. They are in addition to any local authority or state entitlement. Grants are not linked in any way to any national or local government education authority policy. It is up to the individual student, with input from parent / guardian as appropriate, to decide just how the money is spent be it on books, materials, uniform / dress, travel costs or, in the case of university students, accommodation costs.

Grants must be returned if any year of the course is not completed.

Specific Items

No additional grants will be made for word processors, computers, text books, normal travelling expenses of work experience costs.

Grants for educational courses or visits will be considered providing the appropriate application form is completed to the satisfaction of the Trustees and copies of any substantiating details are enclosed.

All grant applications will be vetted on individual merit, by the Governors.

Subject to availability of funds, an additional grant may be considered, in exceptional circumstances, from qualifying students. If you feel you have a request of merit that you think could be considered then please check with the scheme Administrator.

Copies of all application forms are obtainable from the Administrator or can be downloaded from this website.

If you have a query on any aspect of the above then please seek clarification, preferably in writing, from the Foundation's Administrator,
Mrs Hilary Wheal, 8 Railway Road, Downham Market, Norfolk, PE38 9EB